Lancaster City Restaurant Week: Social Mission Partner

We are excitedly part of Lancaster City Restaurant Week. We are siblings in food service to our restaurant peers. Our clients, of course, have challenges that require different types of support. More than just a delivery service, our program visits homebound individuals and connects them to other services, we reduce hospitalizations and make sure someone doesn’t come home hungry when a medical issue does happen.

We’ve revamped the menu to reflect a dining quality experience. We still care deeply about nutrition and health. We just don’t think you need to be miserable to to be healthy, and we don’t think you should be unhappy with what you eat just because someone is homebound.

This page is dedicated to those of you who wanted to step up your support from moral to monetary. Help us keep excellence at the forefront. Thank you for helping us keep costs subsidized, quality exceptional, and community at the heart of the mission in a program without a waiting list so that when someone needs us, we are ready for them.