We love our Volunteers

In 2018, Meals on Wheels of Lancaster was able to deliver 173,101 meals to over 700 people across Lancaster city and surrounding areas. It’s a staggering accomplishment, and yet we continue to grow and meet new needs for our friends in the community. We are so proud of what we do every day, and proud of how far we’ve come, but we cannot celebrate the accomplishments of the organization without acknowledging the most important part: our volunteers.

Every day, 70 volunteers help package meals, drive all across the county, and deliver more than a meal to our clients, who are more than grateful for the service. Last year, our volunteers donated 15,647 hours, drove 144,850 miles, and gave us countless laughs, smiles, “good mornings,” and better days.

We want to honor the people who donate their time, miles, and smiles to our organization and to the hundreds of meal recipients whose lives and bodies are enriched by the food and kindness our volunteers create and deliver every day. We want to celebrate our volunteers in the best way we know how… with free food for a whole week!

From Monday, April 15th through Friday, April 19th the staff and board of Meals on Wheels of Lancaster will be serving a free breakfast for our volunteers at our location on Manheim Pike. Each day, a different staff member will share their favorite experiences with volunteers, and all will eat and be merry!

There is no RSVP required, all questions can be directed to Volunteer@MealsOnWheelsOfLancaster.org