Volunteer Spotlight: Keith and Toren

Every single volunteer is truly a hero, and volunteers at Meals on Wheels of Lancaster are simply cream of the crop. But sometimes, there are volunteers who really stand out, and we’d like to spotlight their stories for you.

Meet Keith Righter and Toren Campbell! This dynamic duo delivers meals along Route 2 every Wednesday, visiting and delivering meals to neighbors from Mountville to Marietta. They also substitute on Tuesdays and Fridays, picking up routes as they are available. Every day, they show up with a positive attitude and do a great job caring for the clients on their routes.

Keith (left) and Toren (right) standing outside the Meals on Wheels of Lancaster office on Manheim Pike

Keith is employed at Excentia Human Services, a nonprofit organization providing supports to people with developmental needs. Toren participates in Excentia’s Community-based supports program, which helps people with intellectual or developmental disabilities become connected with their community and gain the tools they need to gain personal and professional independence through volunteer work. Although Toren cannot speak, he communicates with us through his iPad.

When he’s not delivering meals with Keith, Toren volunteers at Dollar Tree. His favorite activities include reading and hiking at Lancaster County Park. When he’s not staying busy completing different projects outside, Toren can usually be found relaxing at home and working on his iPad. Above all, Toren loves greeting people along his Meals on Wheels route and taking part in a worthwhile activity.

We’re so thankful for our volunteer force, who put in a collective 830 hours a week to make our vision a reality. If you want to help us provide freshly prepared meals at a reasonable cost to our homebound and aging neighbors in Lancaster County, please follow these links for more information about volunteering or making a donation!

Click here for more information about Excentia Human Services

Are you a Meals on Wheels of Lancaster Volunteer with a unique story to tell? We’d love to feature you in our “Volunteer Spotlight” series! Email Volunteer@lancastermow.org to learn more.