In Memorium: Vicki Greiner Financial Assistance Fund Drive

Over the last 35 years, Vicki Griener has touched thousands of community members directly and indirectly through her work with Meals on Wheels of Lancaster. If you received a meal from Meals on Wheels of Lancaster, Vicki’s love and attention to detail was delivered with it. If you volunteered or worked for Meals on Wheels of Lancaster, you surely remember her voice, laugh and smile which made MOW such an enjoyable place to work and volunteer.

As a thank you to Vicki for her 35 years of service, we are asking the community to help raise $35,000 ($1,000 for each year she served our neighbors) for the Victorina Esperanza Greiner Financial Assistance Program. One of the things Vicki loved most and what energized her about working for MOW was the fact that the work we do really helps people. There isn’t much more important or necessary in life than food and that is what we do. We provide food for those that cannot provide for themselves. This fund helps provide discounts of 25%, 50% or 75% based upon income qualification guidelines for those with exceptional financial difficulties.

We’ve missed Vicki and her attention to detail these past few weeks since she first went into the hospital and since we’ve laid her to rest. Vicki was an amazing person who worked hard with a smile and did not complain or point out the small things she did to make sure everything ran smoothly. After 35 years you just sort of do things and they are often done thanklessly. We’ve noticed the toilet paper dispensers aren’t as full, the plants in the window sills are dry as bones, and the small office trash cans are all of the sudden full. As we notice these small inconveniences we remember how significant small acts of kindness and generosity can be.

We invite you to take on our challenge to raise $35,000 whether you can carry a year yourself with a $1,000 donation or you want to sustain the organization with a monthly recurring donation of $10 or $20 dollars towards the general fund. Any donation, big or small, will help us reach our goal of honoring our dear friend, co-worker and neighbor.