Subaru Share The Love Event Supports Meals on Wheels of America

Many of you may have already seen the TV commercial recently where people have been singing the catchy song Put a Little Love in Your Heart on behalf of the 2016 Share The Love Event as they share their experiences sharing the love by helping with different charities. During this event between November 17 2016 and January 3 2017, Subaru will donate $250 for each new vehicle that is purchased or leased to five national charities, and guess who’s one of them again this year? Meals on Wheels of America!

The Share the Love Campaign represents MOW by introducing a 96-year-old man named Donn from Southern California who relies on his meal deliveries from MOW volunteer, Anna. Anna describes how delivering food while providing both friendship and nourishment has been a “special treat” for her. Donn describes how the program has taken away the stress of not feeling well enough to catch the bus to the market. “You gotta have it (food) or you’re not going to be healthy again.” says Donn. Anna and Donn are a real-life example of the type of relationship that we garner here at our local meals on wheels organization providing not only daily nourishment, but friendship and company to rely on. subaru-share-the-love

Meals on Wheels of America has been part of Subaru’s share the love since 2008. In the past 8 years of the annual donations, $1.44 million has been donated to seniors throughout the country. This year, Subaru has declared a guarantee minimum of $250,00. If you or anyone you know find yourself looking to purchase or lease a Subaru, don’t forget to put a little love in your heart and select Meals on Wheels America as your charity of choice! Find a Subaru retailer near you.