Meet Buttons, our Four-legged Friend and Volunteer

buttons and dick

Dick Long has been a delivery driver with Meals on Wheels of Lancaster for the past 5 years. Two years ago, he had a memorable client that he delivered to on his Friday route. This woman owned a tiny and adorable dog named Buttons.

Over the years, Dick and Buttons got to know each other. He recalls that each Friday, as he approached the door, Buttons would be peering through the curtains out the window with tail wagging excitedly anticipating his arrival.

One day, our client proclaimed that she could no longer care for Buttons. Devastated, she took her beloved Buttons to the local Humane League hoping he would find a loving home. Two weeks later, Dick wondered about the dog and whether or not she had been adopted. He quickly learned that Buttons was still at the humane league. After discussing things with his wife, Dick decided to adopt Buttons!

As Dick walked up to Buttons to pick her up for adoption she immediately recognized him and her tail began to wag with excitement from behind her cage. “It was like she was waiting for me to come and pick her up, and that’s exactly what I did.” Dick recalls.buttons

Fast forward two years later: Buttons at Dick’s side is a fixture at Meals on Wheels of Lancaster. They continue to deliver together every Friday; Dick the driver and Buttons the ever faithful visitor. Sometimes they even fill in the route as a substitute on other days and the clients are never sad to see Buttons twice a week.

Of particularly note is that beyond the meal delivery, Buttons and Dick continued to visit Buttons first owner throughout her final years of service with Lancaster Meals on Wheels. This is but one example of how our organization came together and improved an unfortunate situation such as losing a pet. We are happy to have Buttons and Dick as loyal members of our MOW family and always look forward to their weekly arrival for delivery service!