Meals on Wheels Launches #LeastFavoriteFood Campaign

For those of you who have not yet seen their facebook/twitter/instagram feeds clad with videos of your friends grimacing while trying their best to stomach their least favorite foods, we’re about to fill you in on our latest social media fundraising campaign that has lifted off very quickly.

Two weeks ago, our friend Josh Corcoran of Corcoran Creative Group ate his least favorite food Brussels Sprouts and posted a video of it on social media. He challenged our executive director, Kevin Ressler to also post a video of himself eating his least favorite food. He agreed that if Kevin accepted this challenge, he would donate $10 to Meals on Wheels which will go toward the expansion of Meals on Wheels delivery territories this fall. The idea is that even our least favorite food is better than no food at all. It is our goal to raise $10,000 by October 10th so that we can continue serving GREAT food to more clients in more Lancaster County territories.

Since Kevin decided that he wanted to get more people involved in this challenge by nominating five people of the Lancaster community, he decided to brave a food of a higher extremity…. Sardines! Gross!

Can you believe one of the sardines even had a spine in it? Yuck! Good thing he’s donating $50! Along with a few of our staff members, Kevin even challenged Christina Hartman who is running for congress in the 16th district and our Mayer Rick Grey!

On Monday, we had Christina Hartman out here eating scrapple on Facebook live and she nominated community influencers such as state representative Mike Sturla, Kate Good, Executive Director of the Parish Resource Center, Ray D’Agostino CEO of the Lancaster Housing Opportunities Partnership, Mary Anater, Director of Development of Sacred Heart School, and even her opponent Senator Lloyd Smucker!

Similar to the ice bucket challenge two years ago, if the person nominated posts a video of them eating their least favorite food, the person that challenged them will donate $10 to Meals on Wheels. If they do NOT, they need to donate $10 themselves!

We are excited to see who accepts these challenges. So far, we have seen black licorice, mushrooms, sardines, cantaloupe, olives, and capers – who knows what will be next! The reaction on social media has helped us raise over $500 so far towards a new van for Lancaster’s Meals on Wheels at and has drawn attention from traditional media as well. Take a look at WGAL’s story on the #leastfavoritefood, and start your own challenge today! You do not need to wait to be nominated by someone else to post a video and start your own challenge! 

As of today, we will also be posting our latest #leastfavoritefood challenge videos to the homepage of our website! So keep checking back to see footage of those jumping in on this campaign for our cause!