Meals on Wheels Lancaster receives $31,000 Grant!

We are extremely happy to report that we were awarded a $31,000 competitive grant from a large corporation (who chooses to remain nameless, and we respect that). The grant was facilitated by Meals on Wheels America and we are very grateful for the work they do to make available to us these types of grant opportunities. We would never be able to facilitate these types of arrangements with large corporations and we are spending most of our time making sure to get out the freshly prepared nutritious meals we are known for.

This is the first half of the payment and we just were able to order a Countertop Steamer which is going to increase our efficiency and our quality while preparing meals. We also are able to hire a dietitian who is helping us to update our menus giving us new options and making sure they are the highest nutritional value for our clients. The grant has also helped us purchase a custom built route system which is automating our billing to let us move faster and provide a bill to anyone who wants one. The tracking helps us know exactly who got what when and we can’t be more thankful on how this allows us to focus more on program development than administrative function.

Thank you Meals on Wheels America for all of your work. Thank you anonymous company for your contribution. I’ll only say this, the contributions come from a company that is here in the Lancaster area. To those nameless employees who contributed, you know who you are and we thank you from the bottom of our stomach’s.