Client Spotlight: Susan Pond

Susan Pond, a Lancaster city native reflects on her first memory of kindergarten as she spends a bright September afternoon enjoying the view from her West Lancaster city porch alongside her thoughtfully planted flower pots. “My porch is my happy place. I run into people I know all the time. I know every person who lives on this block, and they all know me as the neighborhood trouble maker.”

I went to school for the books, not the toys.” she recalls. A lover of daily reading and people watching. We sat, side by side as we watched our neighbors go about their day together and reflected on memories of her life here in the city that we now each call home.

Susan, a retired sales clerk of 33 years for McCory’s, once located in downtown in Lancaster square has been a long-term client of Meals on Wheels of Lancaster. She says she has always enjoyed the meals that are provided, as long as we keep the mushrooms out! We are more than happy to oblige. Susan is also more than happy to share her extra meals with neighbors and friends.

“My mother passed away when I was just five years old. Although I am one of five siblings, I do not have any close family members. Since I have nobody to cook for, Meals on Wheels has given me a sense of family. I rely on the meals coming each day. It takes the stress off of me having to drive.”

As our organization continues its meal delivery services, it is our mission to also provide a sense of family and companionship between our staff, our volunteers, and our clients.